What Students Say

  • “I received my initial training in a personalized program, rather than a class environment. After training, I scheduled my personal meditation sessions for three times a day: very early in the morning, around noon, and in the late afternoon. I began to notice a distinct crispness by observing richer colors, a mental clarity of focus, the increased ability to concentrate, and a seemingly increased physical response time. After about two weeks, I received a stressed call from my wife who was looking after her dying son in California (my stepson), who was coming to the end of his fight with stomach cancer. I immediately drove early on a Saturday morning toward California. Along the way, the map on my phone took me on a route that bypassed the main highway to my destination of San Jose and took me on a smaller and more dangerous route through the mountains from Nevada to California. The traffic was fast, the timing was critical and the other drivers were relentless. My meditation practice showed its strengths as I used my increased mental clarity, timing, and decision-making capabilities to deal with the traffic. I will be 75 in about two months. Even though I’ve seen and done a lot of things in my life, I must state that I was very impressed with the results of this meditation after such a short time. I continue to practice this meditation technique and look forward to more pleasant surprises.” -Paul
  • “I had never really tried meditation before but had heard positive things from people who regularly practice. Eager to learn a technique, I was introduced to Byron and his three day online course. I took a leap of faith and decided to give it my full attention. After day two, I could already sense the positive affects. I’m now on week 4, and although I did miss a session here and there, I’ve been dedicated to forming this new habit. I actually look forward to my meditation sessions. I feel more confident and sense a deeper rhythm to my daily routines. Byron is a thoughtful and patient teacher and I know if I need a refresher he will be there to help me focus. It’s a game changer.” -Mike
  • “What a wonderful experience! Byron’s pleasant and calm demeanor put me immediately at ease. There was no judgment or pressure to think or act in any specific way. The course went naturally step-by-step with encouragement to ask questions and providing meaningful feedback. I took up Byron’s 60-day challenge and am well on my way to a life of greater self-awareness. Meditation has become an integral part of my life and I look forward with anticipation to my time. I encourage anyone who is looking to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve relationships to take this course. You will find the peace and stillness for which you are searching.” -Rene’e

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