My name is Byron Laws. Stillness Center is a meditation teaching practice based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A “Stillness Center” is within each of us, and offers an experience of being fully in the here and now. Daily meditation practice is a method of directly contacting the Stillness within. This amazing self-care practice promotes the release of unhealthy anxiety and stress, quickly resulting in increased vitality and a growing self-awareness.

Five reasons to meditate:

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Become more self-aware and present
  3. Increase energy and vitality
  4. Achieve greater focus and clarity
  5. Achieve greater happiness and well-being

My story: I have been a long-time meditator. A few years ago, as my meditation practice deepened, I found myself meditating for hours each day. And while I was experiencing life changing results in my inner world, this amount of daily practice became quite difficult to balance with the demands of daily life. I didn’t have enough hours in the day.

As I worked on achieving a better balance, I began to hear more about the many benefits of Vedic meditation, a technique that is practiced twice daily for 20 minutes per session. The Vedic tradition dates back 6,000-8,000 years and outlines a process by which we can develop the skills necessary to reclaim our humanity and become more “professional human beings”. In other words, our goal is to focus less on the “eyes closed” inner experience of meditation and more on the “eyes open” impact on the quality of one’s daily life.

I was compelled, so I began to practice Vedic techniques, eventually going through advanced teacher training. I certified as a Vedic meditation teacher in early 2020, just as the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the planet. I teach what is known as a “Being” technique, based on ancient Vedic practice. This technique is practiced twice daily in 20 minutes sessions (ideally early morning and mid to late afternoon). The outcome of the technique is that we quickly become more directly aware of the simplicity of our own existence in the present moment. I’ve found that teaching others to meditate is a great joy that deepens my own learning and practice.

Currently, I teach one 3-day Learn to Meditate course 1-2 times monthly. The technique is both easy and practical; something that anyone can learn. The course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced meditators. Please accept my personal invite to an intro session…details are provided on the Schedule page.

In the intro video below I describe my vision for Stillness Center and offer a short guided meditation (Special Note: please feel free to listen to the entire talk, or simply fast forward to the guided meditation portion of the YouTube video @ time stamp 22:22).

Even more info: The Stillness Center is also a place. A purpose-built retreat center is coming into being in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Designs of the primary center building are below; a ground-breaking ceremony is planned for Spring 2023 (that’s me there on the porch!).

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